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It’s time to move! Get the job done right, safely, and stress-free with our professional movers. Don’t risk strain or injury from untrained lifting– let us do the heavy lifting for you. Plus, you’ll save money in the long run by avoiding damages to your belongings and potentially unnecessary hospital visits. Moving shouldn’t be a hassle– trust our courteous and experienced team!

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Ruff & Ready Moving is the best moving company serving the U.S. Our owners have been in the moving business for over a decade.

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We develop a plan of action, help get you packed, and get you settled in at your new location.


We'll go over everything that's needed for your move including logistics, time-lines, action plans and pricing.


We Help you Pack

we offer the option to delicately pack your personal possessions into our sturdy moving boxes and carefully load them into the moving truck.


Moving In

We unload the moving truck using floor runners, railing covers, door jams, and carpet shields to protect your possessions and property.


Customer Feedback

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Candice White

We had booked our move over the phone, the estimator had provided a written quote, we boxed our house, arranged sitters for our kids and took the day off work. The movers never arrived. The company tells us they didn’t have us on the schedule and can’t move us until the following week. Nightmare. Don’t use this company. There are much better moving companies in Temecula. Do your due diligence and shop around before enrolling for your own nightmare with ruff and ready.

Brent Hawkins

I had a very positive experience working with Ruff and Ready Moving. The movers work hard and pay attention to detail. The company followed through and was committed to providing a positive experience.

Reliable and amazing movers. They were helpful and communicating effectively throughout the process.


Okay Ruff&Ready, I gotta give a huge shoutout to the movers who saved my sanity during my move! I was beyond overwhelmed, but these guys made it look like a piece of cake. Kudos to their hard work and expertise!

This is an awesome company very professional and fair.

Hector and team came out after Alan our estimator gave us a fair and decent price. The guys took all the stress away as I could not finish packing by move date. They took care to pack carefully and efficiently. Very polite and professional. Awesome job hands down! We came cross country and had to move our date out by a few days. They were understanding and rescheduled us no problem. Mike arrived with his team and they were fast!! Everything was wrapped and packed nicely and they bent over backwards to make sure everything was perfect and in its place. Professional and polite. Mayflower chose a great agent in Ruff and Ready. I highly, highly recommend!!

Had estimator slated to come out from 3-4 they never showed up. I understand things happen but I didn’t even get a courtesy of what was going on or that they were running behind. Not a good impression at all.

Nancy Green

I hired Ruff & Ready Moving based on a recommendation I received from Next Door, a social media site. It was the worst move of my life. I have a very large home with many expensive antiques. I had upwards of 250 boxes which needed to be moved into different rooms according to how they were clearly marked. The movers took apart my antiques to make them easier to move, but when the furniture was delivered, a different set of movers was tasked with putting the furniture back together and they had no clue how to do it. They also misplaced the hardware to put the antiques together and had to search through all the boxes to find it. A couple of the guys that had originally taken the antiques apart were called in the next day, but they did not get the pieces together correctly and I had to call my antique dealer to come out to correctly finish putting the pieces together. As I began to unpack I notice another problem. The men would bring in 6 boxes and take them to the room that was reflected on the top box even though the other boxes below it went to different rooms. It took me several months after the move to locate everything to its rightful room. Furniture was broken and the broken pieces lost in the shuffle. I did get reimbursed for a portion of the damage, but I still had to cart the items back and forth to get them fixed. These people should not attempt to move more than your average college student going off to school. If you value your belongings, find a more professional moving company.